New on DVD: Saw V, The Express, Max Payne

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There are three new films available on DVD this week. Which are worth the top spot on your Netflix queue? Here's a look at each...

Saw V
Stars: Tobin Bell
Why you should rent it: Because the fifth time is the charm!

Saw V Photo
Time Up?
Agent Strahm

The Express
Stars: Dennis Quaid
Why you should rent it: Because this really is an inspiration tale that has rarely been told.

The Express Movie Poster
Ernie Davis
Ben Schwartzwalder Picture

Max Payne
Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis
Why you should rent it: Because who needs a logical plot when you have lots of guns?!?

Max Payne Pic
Mona Sax Photo
Max Payne Movie

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