New on DVD: Vicky Cristina Barcelona, RockNRolla, Lakeview Terrace

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From a romantic comedy to a Guy Ritchie-directed thriller to a take on modern day racism, here's a close look at the three new movies available on DVD this week...

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Stars: Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Rebecca Hall, Scarlett Johansson
Why you should rent it: Cruz is nominated for an Academy Award. Might as well find out why.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona Photo
Vicky Cristina Barcelona Picture
Wooing Cristina

Stars: Gerard Butler
Why you should rent it: Because Guy Ritche just got divorced. The director needs your support.

RocknRolla Movie Poster
One Two Picture
RocknRolla Picture

Lakeview Terrace
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson
Why you should rent it: Because you run the risk of pissing off Jackson if you don't.

Abel Turner Picture
Abel and Chris

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