Opening This Week: Bride Wars, The Unborn, Gran Torino, The Reader

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Four major movies open this weekend. There ought to be something for everyone among this lot...

Bride Wars
Stars: Anne Hathway, Kate Hudson
Quick synopsis: Lifelong BFFs go to war over dueling wedding plans.
Prediction: Hathaway is on a roll, will lead this lame comedy toward top of the box office.

Liv, Bride Wars
Cheers to Us!
Emma, Bride Wars

The Unborn
Stars: Odette Yustman, Cam Gigandet
Quick synopsis: A spirit tries to infiltrate someone's body.
Prediction: The year's first horror movie with two rising stars? Should do well.

He's Unborn
Casey and Mark
The Unborn Photo

Gran Torino
Stars: Clint Eastwood
Quick synopsis: A veteran deals with a local gang causing problems in the community.
Prediction: Eastwood's presence will guarantee the top spot at the box office.

Gran Torino Scene
Lending a Hand
Walt Kowalski Picture

The Reader
Stars: Kate Winslet
Quick synopsis: A war crimes trial focuses on one half of a decades-old affair.
Prediction: Not meant to garner a lot of money, but Winslet will earn an Oscar nomination.

Hanna Schmitz Picture
The Reader Photo

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