Jeff Bridges: De-aged for Tron 2.0

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Shooting for Tron 2.0 is underway.

According to sources, Disney flew Jeff Bridges to Canada for a unique digitization process that will "de-age" the actor by 27 years for the sequel.

Bridge's character from the original Tron, Flynn, is set to interact with his younger self in the follow-up, as early scenes from the movie show him watching over the young Flynn racing.

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This technique - also used in X-Men: The Last Stand to knock 20 years off Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen - involves plaster-casting Bridges to create a 3-D model; then sculpting a younger version of his face to be super-imposed onto a body double.

Tron 2.0 will be released in the summer of 2011.

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Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges Picture

Jeff Bridges is an intense actor. We enjoyed him in Arlington Road and Seabiscuit. The actor has been nominated for four Oscars.

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