I Love You, Man Interview with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel

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I Love You, Man opens in theaters and if that weren't enough to keep you laughing, Paul Rudd and Jason Segel did a hilarious interview with Coming Soon that you have to read.  Here's a small excerpt from the interview:

ComingSoon.net: Did you guys know this relationship would work while you were still working on "Forgetting Sarah Marshall?"?
Segel: It started a little bit during "Knocked Up," and we didn't have very much screen time but we were on the set together a lot, and then "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," it was cool, it was an insulated environment and we were shooting at the same hotel we stayed at so after shooting every day we'd go hang out at the pool bar and we'd really start to get to know each other better then. I think that's where we got a real chance to improv together a lot and I think we both felt like we were good foils for each other. I think that we're complementary as actors and then once you know someone's rhythms like that it's sort of like a basketball team that's played together for five years. I know where Paul's gonna be when I need to do a no-look pass and he knows I'll catch the lob and dunk it home.
Rudd: For what it's worth I'm horrible at basketball.
Segel: He doesn't even understand my analogy.

Loving Each Other

CS: Has this film changed the way that you feel about man love?
Segel: Paul and I have never had an issue like that. I don't know. We're not alpha male type guys.
Rudd: I think that most of my friends for my entire life, we've been able to wear our hearts on our sleeves a little bit and might not be considered macho bullsh*t alpha male stuff.
Segel: When Jon Favreau was doing the movie we had an interviewer come to set and Paul and I were there and Jon Favreau is being interviewed and she asked him, "So do you consider yourself a guy's guy?" and he looked at Paul and I and said, "In this group I do!"

You can read the rest of this interview at Coming Soon.

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