Opening This Weekend: Duplicity, I Love You Man, and Knowing

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This movie has three big budget movies starring big name actors.  What an amazing weekend for movie goers and a terrible battle for these movies.

Stars: Julia Roberts and Clive Owen
Quick synopsis: A pair of spies team up to pull the ultimate con on their bosses.
Prediction: It stars Julia Roberts, how can it not be a winner?

Ray Koval Photo
Claire Stenwick Picture
Claire Stenwick Photo

I Love You, Man
Stars: Paul Rudd, Jason Segel
Quick synopsis: A man tries to find a new friend to be best man for his wedding
Prediction: A comedy starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel? We'll buy enough tickets to make it number one.

Go Team!
Sydney Fife Pic
Loving Each Other
Peter Klaven Pic

Stars: Nicolas Cage
Quick synopsis: A teacher that opens a time capsule that contains chilling predictions.
Prediction: Not sure if we can take Nic Cage seriously anymore.  We'll give it three.

John Koestler Pic
John Koestler Photo

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