Opening This Weekend: Monsters vs. Aliens, The Haunting in Connecticut, 12 Rounds

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You want 3D technology? Horror? Action? This weekend's three new movies offer a little something for everyone...

Monsters vs. Aliens
Stars: 3D animation
Quick synopsis: A young girl is turned into a giant monster and is taken to a secret government compound.
Prediction: Number-one at the box office, by a long shot.

Monsters vs. Aliens Poster
One-Eyed Monster
Susan Murphy Photo

The Haunting in Connecticut
Stars: Virginia Madsen, Kyle Gallner
Quick synopsis: A family's new home appears to be haunted.
Prediction: Yawn. Another horror movie? A box office let down.

The Haunting in Connecticut Poster
The Haunting in Connecticut Pic
The Haunting in Connecticut Scene

12 Rounds
Stars: John Cena
Quick synopsis: A cop has to follow a series of steps in order to save his wife's life.
Prediction: Cena has a big following from his regular job with the WWE. A decent showing.

12 Rounds Poster
12 Rounds Pic
12 Rounds Photo

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