Wall Street Sequel Named Money Never Sleeps

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The previously rumored Wall Street sequel has been given a name, Money Never Sleeps, and a description according to Latino Review.

According to their video, the sequel to the 1978 follows Gordon Gekko in 2002 after he's released from his 14-year prison sentence.  Gekko, whose book, "Moral Hazzard" launched him on to the financial lecture circuit, meets a young Wall Street hot shop named Jacob L. Moore.  Sorry, Bud Fox, you're old news.

Gordon Gekko from Wall Street

Jacob's previous mentor committed suicide after rumors took down his former company, KZI.  When Moore discovers that a trader named Brenton Woods was responsible, Jacob goes to Gekko for advice in exacting revenge.

Oh, and of course, if that weren't enough, it turns out Jacob is enaged to Gekko's estranged daughter.  The movie will take place in New York, London, and Dubai.

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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Quotes

Someone reminded me I once said "Greed is good". Now it seems it's legal. Because everyone is drinking the same Kool Aid.

Gordon Gekko

Someone reminded me I once said 'Greed is Good'... now it seems it's legal.

Gordon Gekko

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Review

Among the more tragic things to witness in Hollywood is a filmmaker following up a branded classic with a sequel that just doesn't match...

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