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In case you've been living under a rock, New Moon comes out on November 20.

With that in mind, and with millions of fans wondering about the film, MTV asked its stars to comment on the sequel to Twilight.

"There's definitely a difference in scale," Robert Pattinson said, comparing the movies. "I liked doing Twilight, but it felt very much like an indie movie - and [New Moon] definitely feels like it's a big movie."

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As for specific scenes, Mike Welch (who plays Mike Newton) spoke to the music network about a major one.

"Kristen [Stewart] and Taylor [Lautner] had to lobby to get this one scene in the film that wasn't originally in - and I am forever indebted to them for that," he said, citing a popular moment from Stephenie Meyer's novel. "There's a scene that's in the book, the three-way date between Jacob and Bella and Mike, where Mike ends up getting sick, and it's just very awkward."

Lautner, meanwhile, said the cast created its own lines during various takes.

"We did a lot of improv on set," Lautner said. "We'd just be in a random forest and, after Jacob transforms [into a wolf], he all of a sudden becomes very agile, and I wanted to show that, because pre-transformation, he's clumsy. But as soon as he transforms, he's agile. So we'd be in a random forest, and I'd be looking around going, 'What can I do to show Jacob's agility in here?'

"Sometimes [director] Chris [Weitz] would be like, 'No, Taylor, we don't want you getting hurt, spraining an ankle.' But I was like, 'Well, how about I just jump off that and then jump through this?' And he was like, 'All right, give it a shot.'"

We can't wait to see how it all looks on screen.

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