Robinson, Graham, Knoxville and Belle Join Father of Invention

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Craig Robinson, Heather Graham, Johnny Knoxville, and Camilla Belle have all joined the cast of Kevin Spacey's upcoming ensemble comedy, Father of Invention.

The flick, which is being indepdently produced by Spacey, follows an inventor / billionaire (Spacey) who spends eight years in prison after one of his inventions goes wrong.  When he's released, the inventor seeks to rebuild his reputation and fortune, but finds that's harder than fixing his relationship with his family.

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Robinson will play the new husband of the former billionaire's ex-wife.  Robinson is now living is his home and driving his car, yet helps the man get back on his feet.

Belle will play his daughter, a social worker that's hesitant to get close to her father again, while Graham will play her lesbian roommate.

Knoxvile will play a store manager that first hires the ex-convict.

Production begins this week in New Orleans.

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