Danielle Harris Dishes on H2

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In the upcoming Halloween sequel, Danielle Harris plays Annie Brackett.

She spoke to IGN this week about the story of H2. Where does it pick up from? According to the actress:

The opening actually picks up probably about two hours after [Laurie] shoots him, from the last movie. There's a bunch of stuff in the hospital as well. And then it will smash cut to two years later. Laurie now lives with Annie and Sheriff Brackett, because her parents are gone. We have a very interesting relationship two years after. [Fear Clinic's] Susan and Annie are kind of similar.

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Both characters have sort of evolved into [being], like, odd, self-righteous, sensitive but never knowing it, because they've been through such traumatic things in their lives.

On H2, this terrible, horrible thing that happened two years ago – cut to how it affects you. Maybe that you're not wanting to come out of your house. Maybe never getting out of a bathrobe. Not wanting to be that feisty, sassy, spunky I'm going to date guys [girl]… After you're attacked by somebody, that kind of goes out the window.

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