Opening This Weekend: Bruno, Humpday, I Love You, Beth Cooper

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Three new movies open this weekend. Two are based on in-your-face homosexuality, while the third takes one back to the awkward days of high school. Here's a closer look at each...

Stars: Sacha Baron Cohen
Quick Synopsis: Cohen follows up Borat with this feature about a gay journalist. A really gay journalist.
Prediction: You're going down, Transformers! Insert obvious Bruno joke about that here.

Pic of Bruno
Bruno at Work
Bruno Movie Poster

Stars: Mark Duplass and Joshua Leonard
Quick Synopsis: Two straight men create a gay porno and star in it... together.
Prediction: Only released in a limited number of theaters, but buzz is growing.

Humpday Movie Poster
Humpday Photo
Humpday Pic

I Love You, Beth Cooper
Stars: Hayden Panettiere
Quick Synopsis: A high school geek admits his feelings for the most popular girl in school
Prediction: Not even show to most critics ahead of time. That never bodes well for a movie.

I Love You, Beth Cooper Pic
Loading Up on Munchies
Dennis, Beth and Gang

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