Producer Hints at 300 Sequel, Revival of King Leonidas

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300 spoiler alert: King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) dies at the end of the movie.

But in a recent interview with MTV, producer Mark Canton implied that the king might return for the inevitable 300 sequel.

“[The key to the sequel] is about getting it right, you know. [Writer Frank Miller] is a perfectionist, and so is [Director Zack Snyder]," said Canton. "And I think they set the bar pretty high.”

As for King Leonidas? Canton added:

“Never assume anything; never assume anything. It’ll be what it’ll be. But if we really do it, in this case, we have a visionary creator and a visionary filmmaker.”

King Leonidas Picture

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Stelios: It is an honor to die at your side.
King Leonidas: It is an honor to have lived at yours.

Leonidas: You, what is your profession?
Arcadian Soldier: I'm a potter, sir.
Leonidas: And you, Arcadian, what is your profession?
Arcadian Soldier: I'm a sculptor.
Leonidas: And you?
Arcadian Soldier: I'm a blacksmith.
Leonidas: [Turning towards the Spartans] Spartans! What is your profession?
Spartans: Harooh! Harooh! Harooh!
Leonidas: See old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did.