Catherine Hardwicke Reveals Twilight Casting Scoop

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Attention, Twilight Saga fans:

Prior to this week's Teen Choice Awards, director Catherine Hardwicke revealed a rather juicy bit of news:

It turns out that Bryce Dallas Howard - who will replace Rachelle Lefevre in the role of Victoria for Eclipse - was the director's first choice for that character.

However, Howard balked because she considered the role too minor at the time. With Victoria featured prominently in Eclipse, the actress was glad to accept.

This seems to lend credence to Lefevre's argument that she was forced out of the project. Watch the revealing Hardwicke interview below:

[video url="" title="Catherine Hardwicke Interview"] [/video]

What's next? Will we find out that Robert Pattinson was never the original Edward Cullen? We'll keep readers posted.

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