Magazine Scan Reveals New Look at the Volturi

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We don't wanna act as a shill for People magazine, but New Moon fans would be well-served to pick up a copy of the September 7 issue.

The publication's next issue will feature exclusive new photos of the Volturi, such as the shot below of Dakota Fanning in the role of Jane.

New Moon Scan

There's also a smaller shot of Demetri clenching Alice’s throat; along with a pic of Aro, Caius and Alec in the throne room.

In the article, New Moon director Chris Weitz says:

"I think they’re magnificently scary and at the same time very elegant, so that’s how I wanted to portray them onscreen. I wanted to steer clear of any clichés-Dracula’s castle sort of stuff. When you see their lair, it’s actually quite classically beautiful."

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New Moon Quotes

You're a human who knows entirely too much about us. They could kill us all.


Alice Cullen: It's time, it's time.
Esme Cullen: Happy Birthday, Bella.
Alice Cullen: Let's open your presents, there'a a cake too.
Bella Swan: Alice, that cake could feed fifty. You guys don't even eat.