Opening This Week: Halloween II, The Final Destination, Taking Woodstock

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Ready to be scared/or taken back to the 1960s? Then this weekend's rundown of new movies is for you!

Halloween II
Stars: Malcom MacDowell, Tyler Mane
Quick Synopsis: Rob Zombie's second reimagining of the classic horror movie.
Prediction: It's got name recognition. Won't bomb.

H2 Movie Poster
Michael Myers
Halloween II Pic

The Final Destination
Stars: Nick Zano, Bobby Campo
Quick Synopsis: Another installment in this shockingly long-lasting franchise.
Prediction: Number-one at the box office. Reasons why unclear.

The Final Destination Movie Poster
Photo from The Final Destination
Wanted by Death

Taking Woodstock
Stars: Demetri Martin
Quick Synopsis: Humorous tale about the start of the 1960s festival.
Prediction: Solid alternative to the aforementioned movies; won't fare too well.

Taking Woodstock Movie Poster
Taking Woodstock Picture
Taking Woodstock Pic

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