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A sequel to the 1982 cult classic, Tron Legacy hits theaters in 2010.

While the movie has undergone a few name changes, the premise remains the same:

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), looks into his dad's disappearance, only to get pulled into the same world of fierce programs and dangerous games where his father has been living for over two decades.

Olivia Wilde also stars in the flick.

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Tron Legacy Quotes

Sam Flynn: What am I supposed to do?
Siren Jem: Survive.

Sam Flynn: Dad?
Kevin Flynn: Sam.
Sam Flynn: Long time.
Kevin Flynn: You have no idea.

Tron Legacy Review

I want to love Tron Legacy. I didn't exactly grow up on the original, but I've seen it more than once and while I still find it clunky...

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