Chaske Spencer Speaks on New Moon Wolf Camp

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Chaske Spencer isn't a well-known actor.

But his name might grow in stature after New Moon comes out on November 20. The young star plays werewolf Sam Uley in the Twilight Saga sequel.

Chaske Spencer

Spencer was asked about training for that role by Radar Online this week. He responded by talking about "Wolf Camp," as director Chris Weitz has dubbed the regiment he put his pretend werewolves on:

"It was like a basic training. I had been going to the gym before I went up to Vancouver and just to keep in shape I go to the gym regularly but when we got there it was a whole different beast all together. They got us a trainer, and he had helped out the actors in 300 get in shape. It was really cool, me and the other guys, the wolf guys, we were pretty jacked that we were working out with the guy who was affiliated with 300.

"I think we were more excited about that than anything else. So what they did is he threw us into circuit training and muscle confusion workouts and we hit it pretty hard for about an hour and hour and a half.  First thing in the morning that’s what we’d do. And then we just eat all day. It’s pretty much four to six meals a day plus three to four protein shakes a day as well."

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