New Moon Movie Trailer: Take Three!

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You just don't belong in my world, Bella...

Technically set to premiere at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, the third New Moon movie trailer has been released. And it doesn't disappoint!

Check out the video below for...

  • Shots of a creepy Dakota Fanning in her role as a Volturi member;
  • A sullen Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan;
  • Scenes featuring a shirtless Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

It's possible the movie studio forces YouTube to take down the preview soon, so watch it while you can. And check out other New Moon trailers, as well!

[video url="" title="Third New Moon Trailer"] [/video]

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New Moon Quotes

Alice Cullen: It's time, it's time.
Esme Cullen: Happy Birthday, Bella.
Alice Cullen: Let's open your presents, there'a a cake too.
Bella Swan: Alice, that cake could feed fifty. You guys don't even eat.

It's my birthday, can I ask for something? Kiss me.

Bella Swan