Opening This Weekend: Gamer, All About Steve, Extract

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It's hard to get too excited about any of the films opening this weekend. Still, let's take a closer look at each of them...

Stars: Gerard Butler
Quick Synopsis: In the future, video game players will control other human beings.
Prediction: Seems to have a niche audience. But not enough of one to carry it very far.

Gamer Movie Poster
Kable Photo
Gamer Picture

All About Steve
Stars: Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper
Quick Synopsis: Bullock plays a woman obsessed with Cooper.
Prediction: Looks terribly unfunny, but Cooper is hot these days.

All About Steve Movie Poster
All About Steve Characters
Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper

Stars: Jason Bateman
Quick Synopsis: Bateman plays a boss that gets fed up by his employers.
Prediction: Anything with Bateman should rule the box office.

Extract Movie Poster
Joel, Extract
Extract Scene

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