Balki Bartokamous says Tom Cruise was Homophobic

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The Onion's recetly sat down with Bronson Pinchot, most recognizable as crazy foreigner Balki Bartokamous on Perfect Strangers and, more recently, as himself on The Surreal Life, for a rarther lengthy interview about the actor's career.

In one of the more interesting segments, Pinchot reveals his impressions of a young Tom Cruise on the set of Risky Business.

Tom and Bronson

Apparently, before Cruise was chanting "show me the money" or doing his own stunts, he was distractingly homophobic:

"We didn’t know it was going to be a big hit. We thought Tom [Cruise] was the biggest bore on the face of the Earth," said Pinchot. Pinchot and Cruise payed close friends in the 1983 comedy that launched both of their careers.

"He was tense and made constant, constant unrelated homophobic comments, like, 'You want some ice cream, in case there are no gay people there?' I mean, his lingo was larded with the most… There was no basis for it. It was like, 'It’s a nice day, I’m glad there are no gay people standing here.' Very, very strange."

"Years and years later when people started to torment him with that, I used to think 'God, that’s really fitting, because he tormented a lot of people as a 20-year-old.' He made such a big deal about it."

Asked if he thought that was because Cruise was insecure or just young, Pinchot replied, " I really don’t know. It is what it is; there’s nothing I can add to it. If someone’s 20 years old and every third line out of their mouth is anti-something specific, then draw your own conclusion. I thought it was very weird."

Crusie and Pinchot never worked together after that, and their careers clearly developed along different paths. Being the lesser known of the two actors, it's interesting to see Pinchot's perspective on the industry.

The full interview covers Pinchot's entire career, from working with Eddie Murphy on Beverly Hills Cop, through his height of fame in the Perfect Strangers days, up to his lesser known roles of today, including a short stint on the soap opera The Young and the Restless, and a quick story about how he made Mischa Barton cry. It's a fascinating, humorous peek into Hollywood, from a guy who just likes to tell it like it is. Check it out!

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