Boondock Saints Director is Still a Jerk

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I'm probably going to piss some people off when I say that Boondock Saints is one of the most mediocre movies I've ever seen. So, it was with much surprise that I discovered that Boondock director Troy Duffy was actually allowed to make a sequel, cleverly titled Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day.

Well, he might have beaten the odds and gotten another movie made, but reports are that he himself hasn't changed all that much. A recent New York Times article examines the situation.

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“He hadn’t learned an awful lot,” said the comedian Billy Connolly, who plays the lethal character Il Duce in both films. “But he was much more sure of himself.”

Oh no! the last thing we need is for Duffy to be more sure of himself. Check out the documentary Overnight to see what I mean.

Here is a guy who literally had the keys to the kingdom handed to him, and instead of spread the wealth and be happy, he decided to screw over his family and alienate just about all the friends he had. He even managed to bite the hand that fed him by making an enemy of Harvey Wienstein, who bizarrely thought Duffy would be the next Tarantino. He had it all in the palm of his hand and ruined just about everything.

Todd Fossey, the producer of Overnight,  had this to say: “It’s hard for me to imagine, after Troy’s track record, that anyone would take him at his word unless there was some financial end in mind. I have to admit it is impressive that he got the sequel off the ground after making enemies of the likes of the William Morris Agency, Harvey Weinstein and nearly everyone else in the industry. It’s amazing what one can accomplish when they sell their soul.”

Duffy, however, views it all differently.

“I learned things about myself,” he said, “but it had nothing to do with that film. I’ve learned that politics need to be played in this business. I have learned that there will always be people who try to drag you down and the measure of a man is how he reacts to that. I’ve been gut-punched a million times and stood back up and kept moving forward, and now here I am coming out with the sequel.”

Yes, Troy, because you were such a victim. Asked if there was anything else he learned, Duffy said this: “I learned that if your friends ask you for permission to follow you around with a camera, the correct answer is no.”

Yep, that's the sound of big change... Boondock Saints II opens in a limited theatrical release on October 30, 2009.

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