Johnny Five Alive Again

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Dimension films has signed Paul Blart: Mall Cop director Steve Carr to remake the classic 1980's sci-fi comedy Short Circuit.

Johnny Five!

Robot Chicken writer Dan Milano will bring the story of a military robot gone awry when a bolt of lightning endows him with consciousness and personality into the 21st century. Instead of shacking up with Ally Sheedy, this reboot will see Johnny Five befriending a lonely young boy and his fractured family.

With any luck, this time the producers will stray away from having a white man portray an Indian scientist in the most stereotypical of ways. At least Milano is a fan of the original work, having parodied many classic 80's television and movie moments on Robot Chicken. If he and Carr can do to Short Circuit what Joe Carnahan is doing to the A-Team, we might be in for a treat!

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