Paranormal Activity Director Discussess Creepy Success

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You may have heard the TV spots and trailers calling Paranormal Activity "one of the scariest movies of all time."

You may have heard your friends talking, or read about it on the internet. You may have even been lucky enough to see it if a theater near you is playing it.

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Paranormal Activity is apparently this generation's Blair Witch Project, a micro-budget horror film that has hit a nerve and is building steam. It also helps that it's being distributed, albeit slowly, by Paramount Pictures.

In an age where torture porn like Saw and Hostel seem to be dominating the horror landscape, a return to old-school psychological terror seems welcome. recently sat down with the film's director, Oren Peli to talk about the resounding success the film has had so far, as well as his future film plans. Check it out here!

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Paranormal Activity Quotes

Micah: You're screaming like that over a spider?
Katie: Well, yeah... did you go run and get the camera first?

Katie: You promised me you wouldn't get a fucking Ouija board!
Micah: No - I promised I wouldn't go *buy* Ouija board. I borrowed one.