Reel Movie Photos: Saw VI

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This Halloween, Jigsaw returns in yet another Saw movie! 

In this installment, Special Agent Strahm is dead, and Detective Hoffman has emerged as the unchallenged successor to Jigsaw's legacy. However, when the FBI draws closer to Hoffman, he is forced to set a game into motion, and Jigsaw's grand scheme is finally understood.

Sounds fun! We've uncovered some interesting images from the film for your persual. Click on the thumbnails below for larger versions, and check out the rest of the images in our Saw VI photo gallery!

Blood Puzzle
Corrosive Scream
Orange Trap

Also, be sure to take a look at our Saw VI movie quotes while you're at it!

Saw VI opens everywhere October 23!

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Saw VI Quotes

You will be put to the test.


[from trailer] People will continue to hurt you, and let you down...