Avatar: Most Expensive Movie Ever

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James Cameron makes 'em big. Ever since he shocked the box office with Aliens in 1986, each Cameron project has been bigger, better and badder than the one before it. 1991's Terminator 2 was a cinema landmark, and 1997's Titanic, the most costly movie of its day, an Oscar-winning legend and resounding box-office success.

Now, 12-odd years later, Cameron is planning to take us to the world of Pandora, a 3-Dimensional feast for the eyes, in his latest sci-fi epic, Avatar. But a recent New York Times article points out that the trip could cost a pretty penny: $500 million dollars.

Jake and Neytiri

While some doubts are circling as to whether the film will live up to expectations (including my own impressions of the Avatar Comic-Con footage), 20th Century Fox is sure of its investment.

“I’m confident we will lead the Christmas season,” media mogul and Fox owner Rupert Murdoch said. He added that he was “excited and moved” by Avatar.

However, according to reports, the studio isn't the sole cash provider, with much of the film's funding, at least 60 percent, being put up by outside investors. Fox's largest contribution to the film may be in the marketing, to which it has set aside $150 million.

In an effort to hedge bets, James Cameron offered up his share of the proceeds if the film crosses a certain budget line, which was rumored to be at the $300 million mark, despite his laboring nearly 14 years on the project.

Even so, Fox is not worried if Avatar fails. Their backup plan?  Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel.

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