Nic Cage Assaults an Old Lady!

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We love Nicolas Cage. He's either doing something amazing or horrible, but either way, it's ridiculously entertaining. Just take a look at these Wicker Man scenes to see what we mean.

In Werner Herzog's newest film, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Cage plays a sleep deprived, drug-addicted cop. As such, the role requires a level of lunacy only Cage can deliver.

And boy, does Cage deliver! Enter your age in the box to check out this clip from the film where Cage's Detective Terence McDonagh leans hard on a harmless wheelchair-bound senior citizen to get some crucial information about the case he's working:

[video url="" title="Restricted Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Clip"][/video]

If that's just a taste of what McDonagh is like, I can't wait to see what Cage does with the rest of the film. Add to that the fact that the sultry Eva Mendes plays Cage's prostitute lover, and you can consider my ticket purchased!

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans opens this Friday, November 20!

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