Taylor Lautner on Edward Vs. Jacob: "Still Up in the Air"

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While Robert Pattinson says Edward Cullen would definitely win in a fight with Jacob Black, Taylor Lautner isn't so sure.

Jacob Black Topless

"We were actually discussing this on set, it's funny we were like "who would win in a fight between Jacob and Edward," because there's a scene outside Bella's house where Edward grabs my shoulder and he's mad at me and Jacob doesn't take that. So he takes his arm and rips it off," says Lautner.

"And at that moment, Jacob would transform into a wolf and we're having this discussion that got really deep, we're like "if I were to poof into a wolf right now, what would happen? Who would win?" I don't know, our discussion points were like "usually, we're with our pack so if I'm without my pack, am I gonna be weaker?" So I honestly don't know. That discussion is still up in the air. We should probably get Stephenie Meyer on the line and ask her."

All antics aside, Lautner spoke candidly in and interview about how his life has changed since being cast as Jacob Black, including how he bulked up to reprise his role as the hunky werewolf. Check it out over at ComingSoon.net!

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