Terminator: Will Work for Food

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Well, this is an interesting turn of events. Only 2 years after The Halcyon Company's purchase of the sci-fi juggernaut (or so we thought) Terminator franchise, the rights are back on the market.

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Halcyon, a then unknown production company spearheaded by Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson, had bought the rights from C2 Pictures for $25 million to produce Terminator Salvation, the fourth installment of the series. Once the film was done, Halcyon declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 

Even with a $380 million worldwide box office tally, the new Terminator couldn't bring Halcyon the salvation they needed. And so, the rights are to be auctioned off this month. Aside from the usual big studio bidders, Twilight Saga producer Summit Entertainment and Bruno producer Media Rights Capital are reportedly interested.

With the Twilight craze in full swing, New Moon about to hit theaters, and Eclipse already in production, it's easy to see how a company like Summit could probably end up snatching the franchise, unless the majors are willing to shell out the cash to make more Terminators.

With Salvation being a critical flop and a lukewarm box office showing for a $200 million dollar film, and the recent canceling of television's Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Terminator franchise might not be that attractive anymore to major studios. The sale certainly puts a damper on the Terminator Salvation sequels Halcyon had planned with McG.

Halcyon says the rights are worth $60 million. The auction does not cover earlier Terminator films. The rights will give the buyer to make new films, TV series and other spin-offs.

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