The Road Director on Eating Babies

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Every filmmaker is familiar with the term "kill your babies." If they're not, it means they never had to compromise. John Hillcoat had to kill a baby or two for The Road, and one of them involved the eating of babies.

Director John Hillcoat

In a recent interview with, Hillcoat discusses the removal of a scene in which cannibalistic apocalypse survivors eat a baby:

“We tried. We all signed on and I said, ‘Look, we’re going to shy away from nothing. We’ve got to go for everything we can in this.’ In the original screenplay, of course there’s the controversial baby scene just as an example, and that’s something I was fighting for and saying, ‘We cannot shy away from this.'"

"I ended up fighting to say, ‘We have to get rid of this scene.’ It worked brilliantly by itself. It’s just in the film, this is the weird thing when you physicalize. That was one example where in the words, in your head, it had a real impact. When you see it, it’s like okay, so literal that it’s too much. If you hear about it, it’s chilling. If you see it… it’s like the best horror movies, often the monsters are not just up front.”

As much as we'd be interested in seeing some full-on infant eating in the film, we're sure the controversial scene will be an extra feature on the inevitable DVD and Blu-ray of The Road.

See The Road, sans baby feast starting November 25.

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