Wolfpack Brothers Talk New Moon

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We've heard plenty about the vampire side of New Moon recently, so it's only natural that the wolves have their fair say.

Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon recently spoke to Comingsoon.net about their roles as brothers Paul and Embry Call in the latest Twilight installment.

New Moon Wolfpack

Hear what they had to say about preparing for the roles:

"We did some training, about an hour and a half a day for about three weeks, and we just packed on the muscle. We ate lots of protein, about six meals a day. We just pushed each other," said Kiowa.

"We had a 60 foot scaffolding that we had to practice jumping off of and landing on a small 10 x 10 mattress. It was pretty intense!" Meraz reflected back on the actual shooting of that scene, "on the day, none of us were nervous. We just jumped off, and it makes for a fun scene."

How did the newcomers fare on the big-budget film set?

"We just have a great time! We light up the set. When we were not filming, then we came back, the people were like, 'awww, the Wolf Pack is back!' and everyone's screaming."

And just how are they dealing with the Twilight frenzy?

"I don't have to deal with the craziness that the ones in the forefront have to. We're just supporting cast, but I'm happy with that because I get all the perks of being in the movie, but I can also live my normal existence," said Meraz.

We'll see if that changes when New Moon hits theaters on November 20. For the rest of the interview, head over to comingsoon.net!

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