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James Cameron's Avatar opens in theaters this Friday, December 18th. Cameron has notoriously been working on the project for almost 15 years, and fans have a lot of questions. At a recent press conference in London for the film, some of those questions were answered.

Cameron Plays Back a Take

Cameron was on hand with stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver to discuss the film. Among the most discussed subjects was the nature of the film's 3-D photography.

"Well, I think that up until now, every filmmaker who has made a 3D film has really felt it incumbent upon themselves to constantly remind you that you're watching a 3D movie by having things that come out into the viewer's space, and feel like they're quite present," Cameron remarked.

"So I sort of took the approach that if I'm constantly reminding you that you're watching a 3D movie, then you're constantly sitting there reminded that you're in a movie theater. I didn't want you to spend the whole two hours and forty minutes in a movie theater, I wanted you to go to Pandora. So we approached the 3D as if it were a window, or I like to think of it as a portal, into a reality."

The press conference wasn't all business, as Sam Worthington had the chance to tell an amusing story that happened during the film's production.

"We went to Hawaii to look at reference and stuff. We had to wear tiles and ears and a flimsy g-string and run around basically half naked pretending to be our characters which was all well and good except for when some guy came up to me and said, "So what are you doing here?" the actor recounted.

"I said, "We're filming a movie." He looked over and there was Jim Cameron with handycam. He said, "He's the director?" I said, "Yeah that's James Cameron." He said, "F*ck, he's gone a long way down since 'Titanic.'"

The interview is chock full of more interesting and amusing bits, from character work to the film's environmental message. To read it all, head on over to ComingSoon.net!

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