Kick-Ass Hit-Girl Poster Revealed!

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Lionsgate has revealed the Hit-Girl character poster for Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass, the big screen adaptation of the Mark Millar comic book series.

Earlier this week, the Big Daddy poster was released, featuring Nicolas Cage as a Batman-like vigilante. Big Daddy just so happens to be Hit-Girl's dad, as we saw in the video clip released the other day which depicted Nicolas Cage shooting Chloe Moretz in the chest, so as to prepare her for battling bad guys.

Kick-Ass opens on April 16, 2010. Click the thumbnail to view a larger version, and be sure to check out the other Kick-Ass posters in our gallery!

Kick-Ass Hit Girl Poster

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Kick-Ass Quotes

Tool up, honey bunny. It's time to get bad guys.

Damon Macready

Dave Lizewski: How do I get a hold of you?
Hit Girl: [sarcastically] You just contact the mayor's office. He has a special signal he shines in the sky; it's in the shape of a giant cock!

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