Matt Damon: No Bourne 4 Without Greengrass

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Shortly after learning that director Paul Greengrass left Bourne 4, reporters cornered Matt Damon at a press conference for Clint Eastwood's Invictus. Damon responded to questions that he wouldn't be involved in the film if Greengrass wasn't in the director's chair.

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"When [Greengrass] wants to do one, we'll do it," said Damon.

"Are you saying that it's Greengrass or no 'Bourne'?" one reporter asked.

"Yeah, I've always said that," replied the actor, adding, "But I think it'll happen down the road. We just don't have a script yet."

The irony is that the Bourne series is a franchise that wasn't started with Greengrass. Viewers might recall that Swingers director Doug Liman helmed the first picture, The Bourne Identity.

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Matt Damon

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Matt Damon is one of our favorite actors. He's the star of Good Will Hunting, all the Jason Bourne movies and so many more films, of course. The star is also easy to admire because he stays out of the tabloids and seems like a great family man.

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