Sigourney Weaver Reveals Huge Ghostbusters 3 Spoilers!

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Sigourney Weaver was recently interviewed by Channel 4 for her upcoming film Avatar, but the big news that came out of the questioning wasn't about James Cameron's sci-fi epic, it was about everyone's favorite paranormal investigators.

Weaver dropped some big hints about the in-the-works sequel to Ghostbusters, the 1984 Ivan Reitman supernatural comedy that has since become a modern classic. If you don't want to know anything about what you may see in Ghostbusters 3, turn back now! Conversely, these spoilers have not been confirmed and could be nothing more than conjecture on Weaver's part.

Either way, here's what she had to say:

"I'm afraid to say that it *is* happening, I hope people are excited about that," she said. "I don't know if I'm going to be in it, I have gotten a couple of calls asking 'would you read the script.'"

"I know that my little son, Oscar – who was kidnapped from me – I think he has grown up to be a ghostbuster," she added, echoing a previous statement she made.

"I might be in it and I see nothing wrong with being in it, although I don't think I will have a big part in it. I think Bill Murray has a little more to do with it - he might be a ghost."

What?! The last bit about Murray is in line with past rumors, as Murray apparently wouldn't be involved in a third movie unless his character Peter Venkman, was a ghost. Knowing Murray, there is sure to be a lot of hilarity derived from that situation.

Anyway, don't take our word for it, hear it right from Weaver's own lips:

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