Dwayne Johnson Looks Downright Foolish on the Tooth Fairy Poster

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Hitting theaters on January 22, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson headlines yet another kids movie, Tooth Fairy.

Johnson stars as Derek Thompson, a rough and tumble hockey player whose cynical attitude is changed after he remarks to a friend's young daughter that the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist. Thompson is then whisked away to fairy land, where he is sentenced to pay for his transgression by stepping into the role of the Tooth Fairy for two weeks.

While it's safe to assume that younger children will be entertained by the comedy derived from a muscle head like The Rock squeezing into a tutu, Tooth Fairy may leave the adults groaning. Just looking at the image on the poster makes you want to slap your forehead...

You can't say Fox didn't try to appeal to an older audience, though, as Tooth Fairy sports cameos by Julie Andrews, Family Guy's Seth McFarlane, and Billy Crystal. One poster even sports the tagline, "You Can't Handle the Tooth." While it's a cute reference, and may be fitting to the plot, how many kids do you know that avidly quote A Few Good Men?

Get a good look at how ridiculous The Rock looks in the banner poster below. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version, and check out the other versions of the poster in the Tooth Fairy pictures gallery!

Tooth Fairy banner

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