Harrison Ford Talks Extraordinary Measures

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Harrison Ford was out on the red carpet Tuesday night for the premiere of his latest film, Extraordinary Measures, at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. While on his way to the screening, Ford chatted with Comingsoon.net a bit about the film.

Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser in the Lab.

"It's a positive humor story about somebody that overcame great obstacles in their life and made a difference in the fate of their children. It's the kind of story that people can go to see and feel good about spending their time... something they can walk out of the theatre and remember rather than a series of car crashes and kinetic events. It's a good positive human story and it's an entertaining couple of hours," Ford said.

The film focuses on the story of John and Aileen Crowley, who go to extreme lengths to find a cure for their children when it is discovered that they have been diagnosed with a terminal disease. Ford plays Dr. Robert Stonehill, the man the Crowleys turn to for help in the film.

"I was looking to make a part for myself that would add to the drama of the film overall and that was the responsibility I felt towards the creation of that character," said Ford of the frequently crotchety Stonehill.

Catch Extraordinary Measures in theaters this Friday, and watch the Extraordinary Measures trailer in our gallery!

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