Val Kilmer is a Cunth in the MacGruber Red Band Trailer!

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Well, the first trailer for MacGruber has hit the net, and it couldn't look any further from the cheap skits that birthed the concept.

MacGruber is the big-budget version of the hilarious Saturday Night Live skit, starring Will Forte as a bumbling parody of MacGyver, who manages to fail every time he's in a pinch. The SNL team that brought MacGruber to life really pulled out the stops for the big screen adaptation, as it looks like a million bucks. Okay, it looks like it cost more than a million bucks, but you get the point.

Will Forte is joined by Kristen Wiig, Ryan Philippe, Powers Boothe, and Val Kilmer. Kilmer plays the villainous Deiter Von Cunth, MacGruber's sworn enemy, who forces MacGruber out of retirement when he steals a nuclear warhead.

Check out the trailer below, and see our MacGruber pictures in the gallery!

[video url="" title="MacGruber Red-Band Trailer"] [/video]

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