Before Avatar and The Hurt Locker, there was... Martini Ranch!

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This year's Oscar race is all abuzz with the relationship two of the most high-profile Best Picture contenders share- Avatar and The Hurt Locker are directed by James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow respectively. What's the big deal, you say? Well, Cameron and Bigelow were married for a hot minute back in the late 80's.

What we didn't know is that right around the time they were hitched, the two directors collaborated on a music video for a band called Martini Ranch, which, appropriately enough, was the brainchild of Bill Paxton, who had starred in both Cameron's Aliens and Bigelow's Near Dark.

Cameron directed the music video Reach for Paxton's band, and cast Bigelow as the main bounty hunter girl in a video that can only be described as an 80's train wreck. It's basically a western with motorcycles and trucks instead of horses, and for some reason, Bigelow's bounty hunter, who's out to get Paxton's outlaw, carries what is basically DVD that contains a video Wanted Poster, suggesting that the entire story may take place in the future, as this would pre-date DVD by almost a decade.

Love it or hate it, check out James Cameron's one and only music video, Reach by Martini Ranch, in the player below. For a real treat, compare it to what both directors have been up to lately by perusing our Avatar videos and watching The Hurt Locker trailer!

[video url="" title="Martini Ranch - Reach Music Video"] [/video]

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