Freddy Terrorizes Teens in Four New Stills From A Nightmare on Elm Street

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Earlier today, New Line/Warner Bros. released a new poster for A Nightmare on Elm Street, and now they've revealed several new stills from the film.

In the new stills, which you can look at below, we get to see Rooney Mara in the main role of Nancy Thompson as she returns to consciousness with a tattered remnant of Freddy's sweater after duking it out with him in the dream world, Katie Cassidy screaming her head off in class, and two other gory moments in the film.

All in all, these stills look to be in line with the glimpses we got in the A Nightmare on Elm Street trailer, which depicts the remake as sticking pretty close to the original. Click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions, and catch the new poster in our A Nightmare on Elm Street pictures gallery!

Rooney Gets Slashed
Screaming in Class!
Body Bags
Don't Fall Asleep!

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