Rusell Crowe is His Father's Son in the Robin Hood Super Bowl TV Spot

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Ridley Scott's newest film, Robin Hood, an epic retelling of the classic story of the bandit who robbed from the rich to give to the poor, hits theater screens on May 14th, 2010. Scott's new vision for the film resembles the gritty, blue-tinted look of his previous Crusade-era effort Kingdom of Heaven, or the first 10 minutes of Gladiator.

So what's new about this interpretation of Sherwood Forrest? Well, for one, it looks like Scott's Robin Hood likes to talk in riddles. Two of the lines in this new television spot are easily some contenders for my "Most Ridiculous Movie Lines of 2010" list, right next to Harrison Ford barking "I already work around the clock" in Extraordinary Measures

The two biggest offenders in Robin Hood are "You are your father's son," and "Are you ready to be who you are?" Yeah, in a Ridley Scott picture. I can only assume that because Scott is a known obsessive perfectionist that the lines won't sound as cheesy/confusing in the actual film as they do here, or that they're snippets of larger conversations and will make more sense/sound less bizarre in context.

Still, hear the new quotes of the week in the video below, and for more Russel-Crowe-on-horseback action, check out our Robin Hood pictures!

[video url="" title="Robin Hood Super Bowl TV Spot"] [/video]

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