Tracy Morgan Punches a Little Kid in the New Cop Out Trailer!

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Warner Bros. has released a new red band trailer for Kevin Smith's Cop Out, and we're happy to say that it's much funnier than the first Cop Out trailer.

Among the funniest moments in the new trailer sees Tracy Morgan scrapping with a 10 year-old after apprehending him from a carjacking. Not to let Nicholas Cage top him by shooting a girl in the chest, Tracy Morgan slugs the little carjacker in the nards. Even Sean William Scott's part is funnier, and the film now resembles a Kevin Smith project, with copious amounts of foul language and a myriad of sexual innuendo.

Anyway, check out the trailer below! Cop Out opens on February 26th in theaters everywhere.

[video url="" title="Cop-Out Red Band Trailer"] [/video]

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