Viral Campaign Reveals New Tron Legacy Image!

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Disney is moving forward with their Tron Legacy viral campaign, a perfect idea for a film that references the computer world so vividly.

The latest update to the campaign has led visitors to, where a new image was released, along with a list of cities where you can see a new footage preview at certain IMAX theaters in a select few cities.

Check out the latest image below. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version, and see all of the Tron Legacy pictures in the gallery!

Tron Bright Light

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Tron Legacy Quotes

Sam Flynn: What am I supposed to do?
Siren Jem: Survive.

Sam Flynn: Dad?
Kevin Flynn: Sam.
Sam Flynn: Long time.
Kevin Flynn: You have no idea.

Tron Legacy Review

I want to love Tron Legacy. I didn't exactly grow up on the original, but I've seen it more than once and while I still find it clunky...

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