Zombieland Deleted Scenes: See What You Missed in Theaters!

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Zombieland recently debuted on DVD and Blu-ray disc this week touting some cool new special features, including some awesome deleted scenes!

Ever wonder what parts of everyone's favorite Zom-Com didn't make it to the big screen? See what Woody Harrelson did before the apocalypse! See Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin share a tender moment! See Jesse Eisenberg contemplate necrophilia!

Don't have the DVD yet? That's not a problem, because you can check out some of these deleted scenes right here, in the player below!

[video url="http://www.moviefanatic.com/videos/zombieland-deleted-scenes/" title="Zombieland Deleted Scenes"] [/video]

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Little Rock: Who's Gandhi?

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