Fifth Final Destination Film

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Are they for real? Yes, because death could just not get enough of, well, himself. The Final Destination is not the last film in the franchise that you will see.

Final Destination

According to Warner Bros. president Alan Horn, there is a fifth Final Destination film in the works. He made the announcement today at ShoWest in Las Vegas.

Apparently, audiences love to see the over-the-top antics of the franchise that continue to tickle the funny bone. I don't know if the filmmakers take it seriously, but either way, they have come up with some pretty creative ways of killing people.

The series continues to be a financial success for the studio, which explains why they aren't going to just settle for four films. It seems that there's no such thing as a trilogy these days in Hollywood, especially with the anticipated Spider Man 4 and plans to try to get a Fourth Bourne Film made.

What terminology are we now gonna use to refer to the five movie franchise?

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The Final Destination Quotes

Nick: We're all gonna' die, there's gonna' be huge crash!
Mechanic's Girlfriend: What? Have you lost your mind?

Lori: Janet we have to go!
Janet: No you guys are nuts! I was meant to see this movie!