Harrison Ford Talks Indy 5

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Yes, the Indiana Jones franchise should have stuck to being a trilogy. Yes, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a new low for Steven Spielberg, and yes, it did coin the phrase "Nuked the Fridge."

Our Hero Indiana

But lo and behold, it was popular enough to warrant another film, and Harrison Ford told the BBC that an idea is in the works between Lucas, Spielberg and himself.

"Steven and George and I are sort of agreed on a germ of an idea and we're seeing what comes of it."

Ford continued to say that it would take a while to get the new film up and running. I guess Harrison won't be working around the clock on this one.

"The process works like this," he said. "We come to some basic agreement and then George goes away for a long time and works on it. Then Steven and I get it in some form, some embryonic form. Then if we like it we start working with George on it and at some point down the line it's ready and we do it."

Now, we all know we don't need to see Indiana Jones 5, and after Crystal Skull, maybe we don't want to, either. But another film is another possibility to end it all on a high note.

We thought that high note was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and for a time, it was. But we were wrong. Let's hope they don't nuke the fridge again.

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