Interview with Hubble 3D Director Toni Myers

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Edward Douglas over at recently interviewed IMAX: Hubble 3D director Toni Myers and astronaut Michael Massimino.

The film tells the story of NASA's beloved Hubble Telescope, the high-powered instrument used to view millions of lights years into space, allowing us to witness other galaxies and star systems literally where no human has ever gone before. The telescope was launched into orbit in 1989, where it was positioned 350 miles above the Earth. It immediately began experiencing technical difficulties and required a number of separate missions for maintenance. But ever since the Space Shuttle Columbia crash of 2003, concerns were made about the telescope's maintenance. One last mission was sent on May 2009 to get the Hubble back into shape, and Toni Myers made sure to have IMAX 3D cameras to capture the experience.

Hubble 3D is narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio (Shutter Island). And judging from the spectacular IMAX 3D images (from the trailer) that played before every Avatar showing, this documentary seems like it will be the ultimate space experience, without having to actually go into space.

Hubble 3D opens in select IMAX theaters on March 19th. Check out the interview below!

[video url="" title="Realizing Hubble 3D"][/video]

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