Photos of the Brand New Hot Tub Time Machine

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The Hot Tub Time Machine has been invented. And it's coming to theaters soon!

The film is about what the title describes... a time machine! And four friends, all of whom are bored with their adult lives, travel back to the retrospective 80's and rediscover the past. The comedy stars John Cusack (2012), Clark Duke, Craig Robinson (Pineapple Express), and Rob Corddry.

It comes out on March 26th.

Check out the photos below! Click on the thumbnails to view larger versions. And check out all of the Hot Tub Time Machine pictures in our gallery!

What Color is Michael Jackson?
Adam Chats with an Ex-Girlfriend
Lou Hits on an Old Flame
Blast From the Past

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Hot Tub Time Machine Quotes

Jacob: This is scientifically possible!
Nick: Tell us how it's scientifically possible, Professor Hawking.
Jacob: I will, 'cause I write Stargate fan fiction; this is my bread and butter, man!
Nick: Oh my God, I seriously almost passed out you're such a dork.

Do I really gotta be the asshole who says we got in this thing and went back in time?


Hot Tub Time Machine Review

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