Rachel Weisz Rumored to be Next Bond Villain

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Recently, it was revealed that American Beauty director Sam Mendes was in talks to helm Bond 23, the as of yet unnamed next installment of the James Bond franchise. Today, rumors have been circulating around Hollywood that not only will the next film's villain be a woman, but apparently also an Oscar winner!

Rachel Weisz Picture

Rachel Weisz, whose performance in the Ralph Fiennes thriller The Constant Gardener won her an Academy Award, may very well end up playing not just a Bond girl, but also "the head of Quantum, the secret organization responsible for all the bad guy activity in the last two films. More than just another Bond babe, she'd be the mastermind pulling the strings behind everything that's happened in Daniel Craig's Bond movies so far, and the architect of James Bond's suffering."

It's a little ironic that Weisz once dated director Sam Mendes, so for now, we'll be sure to keep this one labeled as a rumor. Quantum of Solace, the last Bond movie, and first film to introduce the international terror group, has been the most profitable of the Bond franchise.

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Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz Photograph

Rachel Weisz was born in London, England and started her film career in the 1995 Chain Reaction.  However, Weisz's big Hollywood breakthrough would come with The Mummy series.  She has since been in Enemy at the Gates, About a Boy, Runaway Jury, Constantine, and The Constant Gardener.

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