See Radha Mitchell Scream in Photos From The Crazies!

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Run, it's The Crazies! Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell get more than they bargained for when the people of Ogden Marsh start losing their heads after drinking contaminated water.

The new genre flick is a remake of the 1973 George Romero original and follows Sheriff David Dutton (Olyphant) and his wife Judy (Mitchell) as they attempt to evade the intervention of the military and avoid infection while the small Iowa town tears itself apart.

Check out some pictures from the film below! Click on the thumbnails for larger versions, and see all of The Crazies pictures in our gallery!

Timothy Olyphant as David
David and Judy
Battling The Crazies
Judy Ready to Fire
Becca in The Crazies
Judy in The Crazies

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